Guide to equestrian facilities in Old Southwest Reno

Discover the top equestrian facilities in Old Southwest Reno. Learn about the best places for riding, training, and boarding your horse.

Old Southwest Reno is a charming area known for its beautiful landscapes and strong equestrian community. For horse lovers, finding the right facilities for riding, training, and boarding is essential. This guide will introduce you to some of the best equestrian facilities in Old Southwest Reno, helping you make the most of your equestrian lifestyle.

1. Sierra Equestrian Center

Sierra Equestrian Center is one of the top equestrian facilities in Old Southwest Reno, offering a range of amenities for riders of all levels.

Riding Arenas: The center features both indoor and outdoor arenas with excellent footing, making it suitable for year-round training and riding.

Boarding: Sierra Equestrian Center offers full-service boarding with spacious stalls, daily turnout, and top-notch care.

Training Programs: The center provides lessons and training programs in various disciplines, including dressage, jumping, and western riding.

Community: With regular events and a friendly atmosphere, it's a great place to meet other horse enthusiasts.

2. Hunter Creek Equestrian Park

Hunter Creek Equestrian Park is a well-known facility that offers excellent amenities for both horse and rider.

Riding Trails: Enjoy miles of scenic trails that wind through the beautiful landscapes of Old Southwest Reno, perfect for leisurely rides or more intense training sessions.

Arenas: The park includes large outdoor arenas and a covered arena, suitable for all types of riding and training.

Boarding: Hunter Creek provides various boarding options, including full-service and self-care, with well-maintained stalls and paddocks.

Events: The park hosts regular events, including shows, clinics, and community gatherings.

3. Washoe Valley Riding Club

Located near Old Southwest Reno, Washoe Valley Riding Club is a popular spot for riders looking for a supportive community and excellent facilities.

Arenas: The club features multiple arenas with well-maintained footing, ideal for both English and western riding

Boarding: Offering full-care boarding, the club ensures that horses receive the best possible care with clean stalls and regular turnout.

Lessons and Clinics: Washoe Valley Riding Club provides a variety of lessons and clinics for riders of all skill levels, led by experienced instructors.

Social Events: The club regularly organizes social events, fostering a strong sense of community among its members.

4. Rancho Santa Fe Equestrian Center

Rancho Santa Fe Equestrian Center is a top-tier facility that caters to serious equestrians and hobbyists alike.

Arenas: The center boasts state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor arenas, equipped with advanced footing to ensure safety and performance.

Boarding: Full-service boarding includes large stalls, daily grooming, and personalized care for each horse.

Training Programs: Rancho Santa Fe offers specialized training programs in dressage, show jumping, and other disciplines, led by expert trainers.

Facilities: Additional amenities include hot walkers, wash racks, and well-maintained trails for riding.

5. Sky Oaks Equestrian Center

Sky Oaks Equestrian Center is known for its friendly environment and comprehensive facilities.

Riding Arenas: The center includes spacious indoor and outdoor arenas, perfect for all weather conditions.

Boarding: Offering full and partial boarding options, Sky Oaks ensures top-quality care with regular feeding, turnout, and stall cleaning.

Lessons: Experienced instructors provide lessons in various riding styles, catering to both beginners and advanced riders.

Community Activities: Sky Oaks hosts a range of community activities, including fun shows, clinics, and social events.

6. Pleasant Valley Equestrian Center

Just a short drive from Old Southwest Reno, Pleasant Valley Equestrian Center offers excellent facilities and a welcoming community.

Arenas: The center features large outdoor arenas with beautiful views, as well as a covered arena for year-round riding.

Boarding: Pleasant Valley offers full-service boarding with spacious stalls, regular turnout, and attentive care.

Training and Lessons: The center provides training and lessons in multiple disciplines, ensuring that riders can improve their skills with professional guidance.

Events: Regular events, including clinics and competitions, make Pleasant Valley a lively and engaging place for equestrians.

7. Mountain View Equestrian Center

Mountain View Equestrian Center is a well-respected facility known for its top-notch amenities and beautiful setting.

Arenas: Enjoy riding in well-maintained indoor and outdoor arenas with excellent footing.

Boarding: The center offers comprehensive boarding services, including daily feeding, stall cleaning, and turnout.

Lessons and Training: Mountain View provides lessons and training programs for all levels, led by skilled instructors.

Scenic Trails: Access to scenic riding trails adds to the appeal of this beautiful facility.


Old Southwest Reno offers a variety of excellent equestrian facilities that cater to the needs of horse owners and riders. Whether you’re looking for top-tier training programs, spacious boarding options, or a friendly community to be a part of, these facilities have something for everyone. By choosing the right equestrian center, you can ensure that both you and your horse have the best possible experience.

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