List of horseback riding trails near Washoe Valley properties

Discover the top horseback riding trails near Washoe Valley properties. Learn about the best trails, their features, and what makes them perfect for horse lovers.

Washoe Valley, Nevada, is a paradise for horse lovers. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and offering a tranquil environment, it’s the perfect place to enjoy horseback riding. Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting, the area boasts several fantastic trails that cater to all levels. Here’s a list of the best horseback riding trails near Washoe Valley properties, making it easy to explore and enjoy the great outdoors with your horse.

1. Washoe Lake State Park Trails

Washoe Lake State Park is a favorite spot for horseback riders. With its beautiful scenery and well-maintained trails, it offers a great riding experience for everyone.

Trails Overview: The park features several trails that wind through diverse landscapes, including wetlands, sagebrush, and sandy beaches.

Highlights: Enjoy views of Washoe Lake, the surrounding mountains, and abundant wildlife.

Facilities: The park offers horse-friendly facilities, including designated horse trailer parking and water troughs.

2. Davis Creek Regional Park Trails

Davis Creek Regional Park is located just a short drive from Washoe Valley and offers picturesque trails for horseback riding.

Trails Overview: The park has several trails ranging from easy to moderate, suitable for all riding levels.

Highlights: Ride through lush forests, meadows, and enjoy the scenic views of Washoe Valley and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Facilities: The park provides horse trailer parking and picnic areas, making it a great spot for a day out with your horse.

3. Bowers Mansion Regional Park Trails

Bowers Mansion Regional Park is known for its historical significance and beautiful trails. It’s a great place for a leisurely ride with stunning views.

Trails Overview: The park offers a mix of trails that take you through wooded areas and open spaces.

Highlights: Enjoy the historic Bowers Mansion and the peaceful environment of the park.

Facilities: The park has horse trailer parking and shaded picnic areas, perfect for a break during your ride

4. Thomas Creek Trail

Thomas Creek Trail is a popular trail located near Washoe Valley, offering a more challenging ride for experienced riders.

Trails Overview: The trail is approximately 6 miles long, with moderate to difficult terrain.

Highlights: Ride along the creek, through dense forests, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Facilities: There is limited horse trailer parking, so plan accordingly.

5. Galena Creek Regional Park Trails

Galena Creek Regional Park offers a variety of trails suitable for horseback riding. The park’s diverse ecosystem provides a unique riding experience.

Trails Overview: The park features several trails that range from easy to challenging, winding through forests and along the creek.

Highlights: Enjoy the serene environment, wildlife sightings, and the beauty of Galena Creek.
Facilities: The park offers horse trailer parking and picnic areas.

6. Mount Rose Wilderness Trails

For those looking for an adventurous ride, the Mount Rose Wilderness area provides stunning trails with challenging terrain.

Trails Overview: The trails here are more suited for experienced riders due to the rugged and steep terrain.

Highlights: Ride through alpine forests, meadows, and enjoy panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains.

Facilities: Limited facilities are available, so come prepared.

7. Spooner Lake Trail

Spooner Lake Trail offers a tranquil riding experience with its scenic lake and forest surroundings.

Trails Overview: The trail around Spooner Lake is relatively easy and suitable for all riding levels.

Highlights: Enjoy the peaceful lake views, wildflowers, and the chance to see local wildlife.

Facilities: The area provides horse trailer parking and picnic spots.

8. Carson River Trails

The Carson River Trails near Washoe Valley offer beautiful rides along the river, perfect for a relaxing outing with your horse.

Trails Overview: The trails vary in difficulty, providing options for both beginners and experienced riders.

Highlights: Ride along the river, enjoy the lush vegetation, and spot various birds and wildlife.

Facilities: Horse trailer parking is available, and the area has picnic areas for breaks.

9. Whites Creek Trail

Whites Creek Trail offers a moderate riding experience with beautiful scenery and varied terrain.

Trails Overview: The trail is about 3.5 miles long, featuring creek crossings and forested paths.

Highlights: Enjoy riding along the creek, through shady forests, and seeing wildflowers in the spring and summer.

Facilities: Limited facilities are available, so plan ahead.

10. Peavine Mountain Trails

Peavine Mountain Trails offer expansive riding opportunities with stunning views of the Reno area and the Sierra Nevada.

Trails Overview: The trails range from easy to difficult, catering to all riding levels.

Highlights: Ride through high desert landscapes, enjoy panoramic views, and explore the vast trail network.

Facilities: There are multiple access points with horse trailer parking.


Washoe Valley and its surrounding areas are rich with horseback riding trails that offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an easy, scenic ride or a challenging adventure, these trails provide the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes on horseback. With well-maintained paths, stunning views, and plenty of facilities, Washoe Valley is truly a paradise for horse lovers.

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