Street Vibrations Bike Show Schedule

Check out the Street Vibrations Bike Show schedule in Reno. Discover exciting events, bike shows, and live music. Plan your visit to Reno's ultimate motorcycle event!

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast looking for an exciting event in Reno? The Street Vibrations Bike Show is the ultimate motorcycle event, featuring a variety of bike shows, live music, and activities. In this blog, we will explore the schedule of events at Street Vibrations and help you plan your visit to make the most of this thrilling motorcycle festival.

What is Street Vibrations?

A Celebration of Motorcycles

Street Vibrations is a popular motorcycle festival held in Reno, Nevada. It’s a celebration of all things motorcycle, bringing together riders from across the country. The event features bike shows, live music, vendor booths, and plenty of activities for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Why Attend Street Vibrations?

Street Vibrations offers a unique opportunity to see some of the best motorcycles, meet fellow riders, and enjoy live entertainment. It’s a fun and exciting event that showcases the motorcycle culture and provides a platform for enthusiasts to connect and share their passion.

Street Vibrations Bike Show Schedule

Opening Day Events

Welcome Ceremony

The festival kicks off with a Welcome Ceremony that sets the tone for the exciting days ahead. This event includes a parade of motorcycles, speeches from event organizers, and a performance by a local band.

Bike Show Competitions

The first day features several bike show competitions where participants can showcase their bikes and compete for prizes. Categories include custom bikes, vintage motorcycles, and sport bikes.

Live Music Performances

Live music is a big part of Street Vibrations, and the opening day includes performances by local bands. Enjoy a variety of music genres, from rock and blues to country, as you explore the event.

Daily Activities and Events

Bike Shows and Competitions

Each day of the festival features different bike shows and competitions. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Custom Bike Show: See the most creative and unique custom bikes. This show is a favorite among attendees.
  • Vintage Motorcycle Show: Admire beautifully restored vintage motorcycles and learn about their history.
  • Sport Bike Competition: Watch high-performance sport bikes compete in various challenges and events.

Vendor Booths and Exhibits

The vendor area is a must-visit at Street Vibrations. You’ll find a wide range of motorcycle-related products, from parts and accessories to clothing and gear. Many vendors offer special deals and discounts during the event.

Guided Rides and Tours

Street Vibrations offers guided rides and tours that allow you to explore the beautiful scenery around Reno. These rides are led by experienced riders and include stops at scenic viewpoints and local attractions.

Evening Entertainment

Concerts and Live Music

Each evening, the festival features concerts and live music performances by well-known bands and artists. The music ranges from rock and blues to country, providing a great soundtrack for the event.

Bike Parades

One of the highlights of Street Vibrations is the bike parades. Riders gather to participate in parades through downtown Reno, showcasing their motorcycles and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Street Parties

Street parties are held throughout the event, offering a chance to socialize with fellow riders and enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment. These parties are a great way to unwind after a day of activities.

Special Events and Highlights

Poker Run

The Poker Run is a popular event where participants ride to different checkpoints and collect poker cards. The rider with the best hand at the end of the run wins a prize. It’s a fun way to explore the area and meet other riders.

Stunt Shows

Street Vibrations features thrilling stunt shows performed by professional riders. Watch as they perform daring tricks and stunts on their motorcycles, showcasing their skills and bravery.

Closing Day Events

Awards Ceremony

The festival concludes with an Awards Ceremony where winners of the various competitions and events are announced. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of participants and wrap up the event on a high note.

Farewell Ride

The Farewell Ride is the final event of Street Vibrations, where riders come together for one last ride through Reno. It’s a symbolic way to end the festival and say goodbye to new friends and fellow riders.

Tips for Enjoying Street Vibrations

Plan Your Schedule

With so many events and activities, it’s a good idea to plan your schedule in advance. Check the event schedule and decide which shows, competitions, and rides you want to attend.

Stay Hydrated and Comfortable

Street Vibrations takes place outdoors, so it’s important to stay hydrated and comfortable. Bring water, wear sunscreen, and dress appropriately for the weather.

Meet Fellow Riders

One of the best parts of Street Vibrations is meeting fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. Take the time to chat with other riders, share stories, and make new friends.


Experience the Thrill of Street Vibrations

The Street Vibrations Bike Show is an exciting and fun-filled event that celebrates the motorcycle culture. With a variety of bike shows, live music, and activities, there’s something for every motorcycle enthusiast to enjoy. Plan your visit to Street Vibrations and experience the thrill of Reno’s ultimate motorcycle festival.

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