Where to Find the Best Coffee Shops in Reno

Explore the best coffee shops in Reno. Discover top cafes, unique brews, and cozy spots to enjoy your coffee. Find your perfect coffee shop in Reno.

Are you a coffee lover looking for the best places to get your caffeine fix in Reno? Reno has a vibrant coffee scene with plenty of cozy cafes and unique brews to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to work or a place to catch up with friends, Reno’s coffee shops have something for everyone. Let’s explore the best coffee shops in Reno and what makes them so special.

1. Hub Coffee Roasters

Hub Coffee Roasters is a popular coffee shop in Reno known for its high-quality brews and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a favorite spot for both locals and visitors.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Hub Coffee Roasters takes pride in roasting their coffee beans on-site. This ensures that every cup of coffee is fresh and full of flavor.

Cozy Atmosphere With comfortable seating and a relaxed vibe, Hub Coffee Roasters is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy your coffee. It’s also a great spot to meet friends or get some work done.

2. Old World Coffee Lab

Old World Coffee Lab is a specialty coffee shop in Reno that offers a unique and sophisticated coffee experience. It’s a must-visit for serious coffee enthusiasts.

Unique Brews Old World Coffee Lab offers a variety of unique and carefully crafted coffee drinks. From pour-overs to cold brews, there’s something for every coffee lover to enjoy.

Knowledgeable Baristas The baristas at Old World Coffee Lab are passionate about coffee and happy to share their knowledge. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations or learn more about the brewing process.

3. Coffeebar

Coffeebar is a vibrant and lively coffee shop with several locations in Reno. It’s known for its delicious coffee and welcoming environment.

Variety of Drinks Coffeebar offers a wide range of coffee drinks, from classic espresso to creative lattes. They also have a selection of teas, smoothies, and pastries.

Community Focus Coffeebar is dedicated to building a sense of community. They often host events and offer plenty of seating for socializing or working.

4. The Elm Estate

The Elm Estate is a unique coffee shop located in a beautiful historic building in Reno. It offers a charming and elegant setting for enjoying your coffee.

Elegant Setting With its historic architecture and stylish decor, The Elm Estate provides a truly special coffee experience. It’s a great place for a relaxing morning or afternoon.

Delicious Pastries The Elm Estate also offers a variety of delicious pastries and baked goods to pair with your coffee. Don’t miss their fresh-baked croissants and muffins.

5. Magpie Coffee Roasters

Magpie Coffee Roasters is a local favorite known for its high-quality coffee and friendly atmosphere. It’s a great spot for coffee lovers to gather and enjoy.

Small Batch Roasting Magpie Coffee Roasters specializes in small-batch roasting, ensuring that every cup of coffee is fresh and flavorful. They source their beans from top coffee-growing regions around the world.

Friendly Service The staff at Magpie Coffee Roasters are always welcoming and happy to chat about coffee. It’s a great place to feel at home and enjoy your favorite brew.

Tips for Enjoying Coffee in Reno

Here are some tips to make the most of your coffee experience in Reno:

Try Something New Reno’s coffee shops offer a variety of unique and creative drinks. Don’t be afraid to try something new and discover a new favorite.

Support Local Many of Reno’s coffee shops are locally owned and operated. Supporting local businesses helps the community and allows you to enjoy truly unique coffee experiences.

Relax and Enjoy Take your time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Reno’s coffee shops. Whether you’re catching up with friends or enjoying a quiet moment alone, Reno’s coffee scene has something for everyone.


Reno, NV, is a great place for coffee lovers to explore and enjoy. With a variety of cozy cafes, unique brews, and welcoming atmospheres, there’s a perfect coffee shop for everyone in Reno. Plan your coffee adventure today and discover the best coffee spots in the city!

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