First-Time Home Buyers

Starting on your first home buying journey in Northern Nevada? Here's a straightforward guide full of tips to help you navigate this exciting path with ease.

Start with Pre-Qualification: Your first step is meeting a mortgage broker to find out how much you can comfortably spend on a home. This early insight is essential for realistic house hunting.

Move on to Pre-Approval: Going a step beyond pre-qualification, pre-approval involves applying for a mortgage and getting a written commitment from a lender. It shows sellers that you're not just browsing but seriously considering their property. The pre-approval process often involves minimal costs, typically covered at the closing of your loan.

Make a List of Needs and Wants: Create two lists. The first should cover must-haves like the number of bedrooms for your family or accessibility features. The second list is for preferred features, like a swimming pool or a den. While it's unlikely to tick every box on your wishlist, this exercise helps you stay focused on your real goals.

Get Professional Representation: Think about getting a real estate agent who works for you, the buyer. This professional representation can be a game-changer in navigating the buying process.

Focus & Organization: Keep essential tools within reach to enhance your home searching experience. These tools include:

1) Detailed maps marking your preferred areas.
2) A compiled list or file of homes shown by your agent.
3) Writing materials for jotting down key points during your search.
4) A camera to capture images of the homes you visit, helping you recall your favorite aspects and details.

Visualize and Be Objective: Imagine each house as your future home. Does it meet your needs? Remember, buying a home is a significant decision, so choose with your head, not just your heart.

Be Thorough: Investing a bit more in the beginning can prevent costly surprises later. Essential steps to include are:

1) Adding inspection and mortgage contingencies in your offer agreement.
2) Scheduling a professional inspection of the property.
3) Planning a final walk-through within 24 hours before closing the deal.
4) Ensuring no alterations have been made to the property that weren't agreed upon, such as a premium chandelier being replaced with a less desirable fixture.

While this might seem a lot to take in, working with a professional makes the process manageable. For more information or detailed guidance, feel free to contact us directly.